REITZ fans reliably fulfill their tasks in both industrial centres and the most remote regions of the world. The worldwide REITZ service network has been continually refined over decades, enabling us to assure completely uninterrupted support today. REITZ engineering tools which have proven their reliability under practical conditions ensure the smooth and efficient performance of your system at all times.


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  • Project planning and technical consulting
    At REITZ, you are talking to specialists who are familiar with the special aspects of your sector.

  • Installation and commissioning
    Professional and on schedule, whether to your address or overseas

  • Maintenance – Regular maintenance deadlines and individually tailored maintenance contracts

  • Documentation – Every individual production step is exactly recorded. This means that all data is still available years later for reproductions and modifications

  • Spare parts (including third-party products)


The CFD analysis is a core component during the feasibility inspection. The flow situation in a planned system component is simulated and evaluated during this, and it soon becomes apparent whether and where optimising potential exists and at which points the maximum effect can be achieved with minimum investment costs. Computational fluid dynamics therefore allow us to reproduce real conditions and, equally, construct revealing “what if” scenarios. All results obtained are compiled for you in an informative report.


The finite element method is indispensable for precision engineering of impellers. Detailed stress analyses provide information on optimum dimensioning, ruling out any surprises during operation. Material and sheet thicknesses can be reliably balanced and determined in relation to the design. Moreover, it is also possible to obtain valid statements on the stress and strength of the impeller, allowing any risk to be reduced to a minimum.


We analyse natural frequency and resonance ranges on the basis of years of experience to prevent any possible damage. We parameterise the entire drive system (fan, motor and converter) during this to ensure that the permissible vibration characteristics pursuant to ISO 14694 and DIN ISO 10816-3 are observed. Measurement up to 10,000 kW is conducted on our own test bench and on site. The parameter lists are a component part of the final documentation.


Practical experience indicates that a system of average efficiency can be transformed in the majority of cases into a veritable miracle of productivity and efficiency through the targeted partial modernisation of individual components.


  • Replacement of used fans or components
  • Energy saving through the use of impellers with higher levels of efficiency
  • Energy saving through the use of energy efficient drive systems (e.g. variable speed control with frequency converters). Savings of up to 30%. Investment costs amortise on average within only two years.
  • The advantages of speed control: 100 % needs-based consumption, linear control characteristics, quiet running, perfect start-up behaviour, smooth mechanical running → Download energy efficiency brochure

→ Your contact for single-source plant modernisation: REITZ Retrofit


When it comes to constructing a foundation with long-term solidity and resilience, we take charge of preparatory tasks such as layout, planning, dynamic and static calculations, the shell and reinforcement drawing, steel quantity lists and building instructions to ensure that you have all the basics required for the safe and professional realisation of the und fachgerechte Ausführung des Fundaments verfügen.


Both sound and thermal insulation are component parts of our engineering for optimum insulation. Housing surfaces and split joints, inspection openings, flexible connections and the vicinity of the shaft seal are the focus of attention during this. We take the adequate securing of insulating material, the thermal expansion of the system part, waterproofing in outdoor installations and, on request, the accessibility of components into consideration in this respect.