Different design options are frequently combined with each other for special requirements and application areas. In addition to conventional options, REITZ also provides special designs which represent a class of their own in terms of their drive system, design and additional equipment.


Sophisticated plant operators prefer to place their trust in REITZ when it comes to special requirements, as they value the performance levels and broad variety of choice. Exceptional solutions and engineering that masters challenges in a careful, conscientious manner are the prerequisites for smooth operation, including in critical application areas. The technical design of our fans is based on DIN 24166. In addition to this, we also meet the requirements of numerous internationally recognised and sector-specific regulations and standards.

Drive unit can be disengaged towards the rear
Fan in pressure capsuled design for calibration facilities and high-pressure test benches
Pivoting design


In addition to special designs, our portfolio also contains a variety of drive concepts which are tailored exactly in each case to their intended task. From the steam turbine and trial spin drive to the combined double drive, you can obtain the exact highly specialised drive solution you require from us, ensuring that the efficiency, operational reliability and availability of your plant is optimised to a maximum degree.

Design with double drive
Design with double drive
Design with trial spin drive


The difference is in the detail. A small selection of the reliable components and accessories which can be adapted in daily use to suit your needs and requirements includes the following:

  • Monitoring devices for bearing temperature, vibration, speed, etc.
  • Freewheels, gears, backstops
  • Stop brakes
  • Oil conditioning for sleeve/oil and rolling bearings
  • Lubrication devices for bearings
  • Complex sealing concepts with barrier gas supply
  • Electrical instrumentation and control technology, control cabinets, cabling
  • Scaffolds, platforms etc. to facilitate access 
Design with barrier gas supply
Design with stop brake
Design with stop brake