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REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. REITZ China, Suzhou. We live through an age of globalization. Many companies act internationally and repeatedly get in touch with the most different cultures. On the one hand, this is most fascinating, but on the other hand it requires the ability to adequately treat international colleagues and customers. A stay abroad helps to acquire this intercultural competence. With an intercompany international exchange, Reitz Group, too, offers the opportunity to gather experience in foreign countries and to get an insight into local processes. Fabian Deppe (KRV) and Charlie Yao (RFS) participated in the exchange program and report about their experiences during their stays in the foreign countries.

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REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. On September 26, the first REITZ health day at the Höxter headquarters was held in workshop 3 (Measuring technique department). Under the motto “Your health is close to our hearts” the health day focused on topics “all around health”.

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Company run: We move air. And us!

REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. At this year's company run in Höxter, the running teams faced up to the tough competition and were able to further expand the company's trophy collection with remarkable running performances. In spite of the sporting successes, the fun and the sense of community were of course in the foreground of the event.  

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70 Years Reitz Ventilatoren

REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. Since its foundation in 1948, the Konrad Reitz Ventilatoren GmbH & Co. KG has developed from a small locksmith’s shop into a globally operating manufacturer of industrial fans. Being part of the Reitz Group with a total of 11 subsidiaries and about 800 employees, Reitz Ventilatoren has been of great importance to the local economy for decades and is reckoned the economic driving force of the region. Only recently, the company was awarded the title “Valuable employer for the common good in the district of Höxter”. At the beginning of September, the ambitious enterprise celebrated its 70th anniversary with about 350 guests. The celebration focused on those who are primarily to be thanked for the sustained success of the company: the employees.

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Reitz Welcomes new trainees

REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. On August 1st, 2018 we welcomed to our FANfamily six new apprentices. Four of them will be trained as industrial mechanics, one as industrial clerk and one as a specialist for logistics.

Prior to the start of the apprenticeships, our new trainees and their families were invited to spend an afternoon with us getting to know our company better.

The instructors Markus Herrgarten and Samira Stepholt look forward to working with the new trainees and to a year full of new impressions and successes.

Are you interested in a vocational education at Reitz?

Hand in your application for the apprenticeship year 2019 until the end of September. Find more information on wwww.reitzgroup.com/about-us/career.


The Reitz Group is pleased to welcome the company GTSS – German Technology Solutions Supplier as our new representative in Colombia. In its function as supplier for technology and innovations of the growth industries in Latin America, from now on, GTSS is the first contact for ventilation systems Made by Reitz in the Colombian market. GTSS closely cooperates with REITZ Ventiladores Brasil Ltds., so that customers can take advantage of reliable, sustainable and efficient solutions for the profitable operation of most-modern industrial plants.

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Live on stage: Literature and music festival in the assembly hall

REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. The literature and music festival “Wege durchs Land” has a unique atmosphere because it takes place at special locations. It is the 19th time that popular authors, actors and musicians attend the festival.  The workshops present themselves as a stage for culture and art under the topic “courage and resistance”.

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REITZ receives new certifications

The DIN EN 15085-2 norm is the basis for the welding of metallic material for the production of railway vehicles and components. It determines the quality standards for the production and is a worldwide acknowledged rule of technique. REITZ supports, as a DIN-member, the system of the standardization, so the sub companies REITZ Schweiz Ventilatoren AG as well as the REITZ Holding brought forward a motion for certification according to DIN EN 15085-2.

After the first inspection of the DIN EN 15085-2 abidance and implementation of the standardization requests through the certification centre DVS ZERT, the requirements for the certification receipt have been fulfilled. As a result, the REITZ Schweiz Ventilator AG receives again the certificate for the welding of railway vehicles and components in the certification level CL4 and for the production site in Bad Lippspringe in the certification level CL1.

The REITZ Holding could also complete the certification audit successfully and gets distinguished with the same certificate. Both companies are still authorized for the construction and assembly as well as the purchase and distribution of railway vehicle components.

With the certification, REITZ proves the Know How of its high qualified employers and confirms the position as a competent partner and one of the leading specialists in the sector of railway vehicles.

Modernisation of the machinery

REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. The continous improvement of processes is an essential cornerstone for a sustainable production. For this reason, REITZ Ventilatoren in Höxter invested in a new laser and storage system, which has now been put into operation.

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REITZ Fans Suzhou on company outing

REITZ China, Suzhou. In Suzhou, near Shanghai, high-performance fans are manufactured according to Reitz Standards, since 2010. As a small "thank you" for the outstanding dedication of the employees, Reitz fans Suzhou organized a company outing to get out of working routine. 

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REITZ FAN & BLOWER INC. sets a Milestone

REITZ North America, Aberdeen, USA. To provide our customers, apart service, with first-class products, Reitz Fan & Blower Inc. should not act exclusively as a sales location, but will also be expanded to a fully comprehensive production plant. Now the first REITZ MXE fan -made in the USA- has been completed.

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REITZ North America, Aberdeen, USA. REITZ is a leading supplier of air moving equipment in all major industrial markets, is pleased to announce its expansion into North America with the establishment of Reitz Fan & Blower Inc. 

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REITZ Ventilatoren, Höxter. REITZ Ventilatoren is investing around two million euros at the Höxter location in the sheet metal warehouse in a project that includes a new laser cutter. We talked to Project Manager Stephan Kister and Production Manager Florian Voß about the advantages of the new laser and warehouse system.

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REITZ Schweiz, Bern/Bad Lippspringe.
 REITZ Schweiz, Bern/Bad Lippspringe. REITZ Schweiz has been involved in production in Bad Lippspringe near Paderborn since the beginning of 2016. It is now possible to organise the production flow under optimum conditions at the new location in Germany.

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The global demand for powdered milk, baby food and medicinal products is growing. Systems used in these production segments need to meet particularly strict hygienic requirements. These include fans where they come into contact with the product. REITZ has gained an excellent reputation in this area.

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REITZ Umwelttechnik, Hessisch-Lichtenau. One of the oldest and most meritorious companies of the REITZ Group celebrated its 50th anniversary in May. In addition to employees and their families, customers of many years standing, suppliers and neighbours from the locality were also invited to this event. The Sun also graced this event, bathing the idyllic landscape around Hessisch Lichtenau in Northern Hesse in its light.

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