The REITZ success story begins in a small backyard workshop in Höxter, Germany. With over 800 employees and 11 subsidiaries, the REITZ Group is today one of the leading providers of high-performance industrial fans. This makes REITZ a preferred partner of sophisticated plant manufacturers all over the world.

2016 – REITZ North America

The 100% REITZ subsidiary REITZ Fan & Blower Inc. in Aberdeen, South Carolina, coordinates sales activities and services in Canada and USA.


The REITZ Group receives triple certification from TÜV Nord which includes DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007, thus documenting the harmonising of quality standards within the Group.

2014 – REITZ Brasil

REITZ Brasil means that REITZ is also represented on the American continent since 2014.

2011 – REITZ Retrofit

REITZ Retrofit is established as a specialist division for system modernisation.

2009 – REITZ China

The REITZ subsidiary (including production) is established in Suzhou, China.


Expansion of the production capacity to a 20,000 m² production facility in Höxter.

2006 – REITZ Holding

REITZ Holding is established.

2000 – REITZ Schweiz

Stäfa Wirz Ventilator AG, today known as REITZ Schweiz, becomes part of the REITZ Group.

1998 – REITZ Turbovent

REITZ Turbovent Ltd. is a 50:50 German-Indian joint venture, known as REITZ India since 2001.

1998 – REITZ Umwelttechnik

REITZ acquires Werra Ventilatoren, a firm in Hessisch Lichtenau specialising since 1965 in fans for special applications and today known as REITZ Umwelttechnik.

1972 – Headquarters in Höxter-Albaxen

Move to the present company headquarters in Höxter-Albaxen at Konrad-Reitz-Strasse 1.


Konrad REITZ Ventilatoren GmbH & Co KG is established by Konrad Reitz in Höxter, Westphalia, Germany.